Facebook Email Adresses Rolled Out

This week Facebook have introduced their email addresses which allow users to opt-in via their messages tab once they are logged into their personal profiles. Although their messaging system was announced way back in November 2010 they are now starting to roll them out.

Already over a hundred million people have upgraded to the new messaging system, the main idea which is behind this is so that whether someone is a member of Facebook or not they can share information with friends over this new emailing system.

This however has been described as a marketing strategy to get those who aren’t signed up to Facebook more involved and hopefully to encourage them to sign up as now you can receive a Facebook message to your personalised email address from a person who isn’t on Facebook and then these can be targeted.

BUT, something is not quite right!

Yes there is one odd thought in everyone’s mind and that is concerning why someone would know their friends Facebook email address and not their personal one, suspicions have been raised that this would create a perfect opportunity for spammers. They could easily check peoples profile URLs and thus send them Facebook emails.

What is more the Facebook email service seems to have been experiencing a number of design flaws and even has been riddled with some bugs. Unfortunately in their quest for simplicity, Facebook may have gone a step too far!

An external account message which is sent to a Facebook email has to have the user click a “unhide” link so that they can view the body of the email and this is neither simple nor effective but then on subsequent visits to the message the “unhide” link disappears and the content therefore becomes impossible to access.

Facebook’s goal is to become the main point or hub for people to communicate, share, comment and carry out all their digital interpersonal communication however we suggest that they take this idea back to the drawing board for some fine tuning which should of been done before they intergrated it into the overall web design of their site.

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