Event Booking and Exhibition Management Systems

Technical features list

  • Allow website users to create and manage their own events or exhibitions, sell tickets and allow bookings
  • Define custom rules for exhibitors, require them to provide insurance and other legal documents (which can be stored on website and used for future) exhibitions.
  • Allow event organisers to define a lot of options for each event (few days events, different races for different age groups, gender, club members, specify distance in km/miles, location on the map, places available limits per race/date, event booking closing date and time with countdown shown on the event page, etc.), to sell additional items (like t-shirts), to collect money received after finishing the event, to do refunds to some participants
  • Each person booked for an event will re-use their contact details for future bookings
  • Search for events and exhibitions by location, type, industry, date, time, distance, etc.
  • Allow exhibitors to select event they want to apply for, specify space and options required, fill the form and pay.
  • Website visitors can make a booking for another persons (like family members), make few bookings for the same event, review all prices (including website fees) and pay for the order/booking.
  • Easy management of all events made for event organisers and website owner, easy invoicing, etc.