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Content is a highly important factor in order to position naturally within search term results. Writing “quality content” which people will read and then venture further into your internal website pages is a great way of getting visitors to either make an enquiry or exit your site after the checkout.

Writing content is perhaps one of the hardest things to do – or so it would seem! On request for information it would seem the majority of people get writers block and this becomes highly unproductive. Instead of thinking about it all at great lengths then just get a piece of paper and “scribble” down anything what comes to mind. This is a great way of getting rid of writers block and because this is rough then it doesn’t have to be perfect and no one will ever see it, unless you show them! Just write it almost as if you were having an informal chat with someone.

After this has been done then review them think what ideas would create interesting articles, which ideas do you have enough information and details about in order to be able to write the “quality content”.

Once you have selected your topic which you are going to write about then think about the AIDA formula, this really works and provides you with a foundation to base the article on.

What is AIDA?

Attention, this is where you have to grab the reader’s attention through the use of a title or headline. Make them want to read your article but ensure that you insert a keyword or keyword phrase within the title as this will help to optimise the site.

Interest, your first paragraph is the ultimate decider on whether the visitor to your website will continue to read through it is for this reason that it needs to be compelling and convincing. Introduce the topic and what will be contained within the rest of the article content.

Desire, creating a desire for the reader and making them feel like the article could be of some benefit to them is another way to guarantee continued reading so when writing an article think about what is in it for them? What will they achieve by reading the article?

Once the desire has been created the most important factor of AIDA comes into play!

Action, at the end of every article you need to provoke some kind of response and get them to either pick up the phone and make an enquiry or to go through your checkout and purchase a product or service. Use links and make it user friendly, link to contact pages, products and services or whatever it is that you want to provoke them to do. Usually it links to contact details, subscribe to our newsletter or a particular product or service.

After AIDA has been implemented and you can clearly see within the text the attention, interest, desire and the call to action then you need to ensure that keywords and keyword phrases have been implemented and there are embedded text links. Furthermore add in some text links which lead the visitor into internal pages of your website, this can help with the search engine optimisation.

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