Totally Wicked Press Release Success

There has been a great buzz today in the Brick technology office, writing a press release is one thing but actually having a successful press release is a whole different kettle of fish! We have had a success with one of our clients. Totally Wicked’s press release, "Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarettes Released in USA" has hit the news headlines in the United States.

Don't just take our word for it, type it into Google and see for yourself!

What is a press release?

In its simplest terms a press release is a official statement which is issued to the press such as TV, radio, newspapers as well as online giving out information regarding a specific matter.

Depending on what avenue you take in order to release your press release depends on the format that you have to write it in.

Here are some top tips from Brick on how to write a successful press release:

Always ensure that the information you are going to write about is actually newsworthy. There is nothing worse than having a press release which is sent to all the news desks regarding a topic which no one really cares about!

Next you need to ensure that you target an audience specific to whatever it is that you are announcing, ensure that they know the press release is intended for them and also give a little insight as to why they should continue to read it.

Question yourself, “How will people relate to this and will they be able to connect and understand it?” this ties into another point about the language that you use, always ensure that you don’t overdo it with fancy language and try and refrain from using loads of adjectives.

In order for a press release to be effective in announcing your news then you need to deal with the facts. People want the information; it has to be clear and concise!

When providing the contact details for the press release always ensure that you give as much as possible and that any numbers or email addresses are correct. It takes a split second to double check the information. For example a contact section of the press release should look something like this:

Brick technology Ltd
Hannah Pearson
+44(0)1254 277190

Never send out loads and loads of press releases, always ensure you gather enough substance and enough content to write one. What is more even if there is heaps of exciting things going on always select the most important because if you keep on bombarding people with press releases they simply may choose to ignore them.

One of the most important things to bear in mind when writing a press release is research! Look at the rules and guidelines put in place by the distributor, the company, group or person who will be responsible for distributing the press release. Make it as easy as possible for the media representatives to do their jobs. If it says paragraphs should be a maximum of six lines then ensure they are don’t go writing paragraphs which are eight lines long.

It may seem like common sense but more often than not these are simple mistakes which often get made.

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