Google Analytics Channel Funnel Reports

Yes that is right a new feature of Google Analytics is their Multi Channel Funnel Reports and although they have been available in AdWords for a while not they have been added to Analytics.

At first the concept was frowned on as to how much potential it would provide users with. However with this form of reporting now it brings together website visitors first ever click to the site and last click and so you can easily see the full route that a website visitor would go through.

You can find it in the new Google Analytics in the top navigation bar. From this there will then be four reporting options:

Assisted Conversations which relates to the first click can be broken down by channel, source, medium, campaign and keywords.

If you are running an active social media campaign, pay per click campaign or affiliate or even SEO campaign then usually Google Analytics always linked transactions to the last click.

This has changed and now with the Assisted Conversations report you can view each channel which results in more value, it gives a better representation of each marketing activity and displays it in a clear and concise manner.

Top Conversion Paths is the next form of reporting and it will show you what journey the visitor to your website took. However this differs from the Adwords version in that it includes every type of marketing not just the paid visits and keywords. On the other hand though it does only show the keyword for the paid keyword and not anything organic.

This however is not a problem as a web design with Brick technology will be able to show you all the organic search terms which led a visitor to land on your website through our onsite statistics which are specific to your site. The benefit of the Top Conversion Paths report is that you can easily see which campaigns and internet marketing activities are having the most effect.

Time Lag Report and Path Length Report are the next two reports and these were previously available within Google Analytics however, they have been revamped slightly but nothing really amazing. All that has happened is they are now easier to locate.

Although the new Multi Funnel Channel reporting in the latest version of Google Analytics is seen as a positive thing for those who are working in SEO or as part of internet marketing the hope is that this addition will help marketers and business and company owners to better understand how the e-commerce process of purchasing a product or service online actually works out.

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