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Online Press releases are an integral part of internet marketing; they are the announcement of news regarding a company of business into the world. When they become picked up by the media they can have a number of benefits such as being placed in solid publications across a global scale and even just drawing numerous visitors to your website.

Another reason why companies and businesses choose to write online press releases is to that they can look like a professional and authoritative business or company. However how do you write an online press release and how can you make them successful?

Their success depends on:

  • How well they are written?
  • How well they are structured?
  • How well they are properly optimised?

For online press releases you need to be objective, to the point and avoid flowering your company or business up with words like amazing, fantastic, tremendous. What people want to know is what, where, who, why and when and this has to be on a topic which is of interest to them. Anything which is not all that interesting is unlikely to be picked up by the media.

Optimisation is vital, your press release needs to have numerous keywords and phrases embedded into it but further to this they need to be in the headline of the online press release and the first paragraph.

The issue with optimisation, keywords and phrases is that whilst embedding them into the content you still need to ensure that it reads well and that you haven’t just forced keywords in here, there and everywhere.

A boilerplate or note for editor’s box is the section at the bottom of the press release where you can tell readers, journalists and other people about your business.

Finally it goes without saying that you should check through your online press release for any typing errors, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. These will reflect badly on your company or business and make you look unprofessional. Similarly links which have been placed need to link somewhere there is nothing worse than a broken link which leads to a 404 error page!

Brick technology, Web Design had a huge success with one of our press releases for our client Totally Wicked who deals with the sale of electronic cigarettes. As a web design company our internet marketing skills and expertise came into action. The online press release was linked to their website and an increase in visitors to the page was seen proving how effective they can be.

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