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Online shopping continues to grow in popularity along with the growing number of mobile devices in the world. Cisco predict that mobile devices will outnumber the human race by the end of the year and this represents a huge growth in e-commerce and m-commerce potential.

When online shopping first started to become popular, buyers were restricted to their home or office computer. Now that the internet can be quickly, easily and cheaply accessed from anywhere, shoppers are changing their habits. The mobile website is a hugely important part of any modern e-commerce business and should seamlessly integrate with the brand in order to create a unified shopping experience.

An emerging trend is for smartphone owners to use their device while actually in a store. A study by comScore Data Mine showed that 44% of smartphone owners performed at least one shopping activity online while in a high street shop. Only 5% of these users actually purchased the product with their device but a massive 36% called or sent a text message to a friend or family member detailing the product or service the user saw. These kinds of connections, particularly through the use of social media, are incredibly important to any company involved in e-commerce and m-commerce. It is crucial that companies also consider delayed purchases, whereby a user will access the company via a range of methods, comparing prices and reviews before finally committing to a purchase. Providing a website optimised for mobile viewing is an essential link in this chain and companies without mobile websites are likely to suffer damage to the reputation of their brand, as shoppers seek the seamless user journey and experience that a well-designed mobile website provides.

Brickweb mobile websites are created to offer a fully-integrated user experience. Sleek, attractive and fully-functional, our m-commerce solutions can instantly provide your business with the modern interface demanded by today's mobile customer. Our team is composed of dedicated, professional and capable members who provide each client with individual, personalised service in order to meet the diverse needs of every business.

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