Samsung - The World's Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Samsung Electronics, based in South Korea, is the largest information technology company in the world when measured by 2012 revenues. Since it was founded in 1938, the company was involved with textiles, security, retail and insurance before it entered the electronics market in the 1990s. Mobile phones and devices are now Samsung's most important source of income.

The number of mobile devices is soon expected to exceed that of the entire human population of Earth, a figure that is driven in no small part by Samsung. Of all of the smartphones sold worldwide in 2012, 30% were made by the company; this equates to around 420 million units. Representing a 20% year-on-year growth, Samsung expects to ship 510 million phones in 2013, the vast majority of which will be smartphones. This total will make Samsung the world's largest smartphone manufacturer.

Samsung's smartphones will be manufactured in several countries including South Korea, India and China. Facilities in Vietnam, where the majority of the phones will be produced, are expected to be enlarged and modernised with a $2.2 billion investment by 2020.

One of the smartphones that will form part of Samsung's product range is the new Galaxy Mega, due to be launched on the European market in May this year. The smartphone is the largest currently available on the market and is being dubbed a 'phablet' - a cross between a phone and a tablet. A 6.3" screen will easily allow two apps to be run side-by-side and the unit is ideal for watching videos and shopping online.

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