YouTube celebrates birthday and achieves 2 billion views per day

Video sharing site YouTube has recently turned 5 years old and now attracts 2 Billion views per day. To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of YouTube a new 'YouTube 5 Year Channel' has been launched.  The Channel is definitely worth a look. http://­www.­youtube.­com/­fiveyear

Going Viral

YouTube has had a massive impact on media and television. Who can forget the rise of Susan Boyle? The ability to share and watch videos meant that Susan Boyle went from wannabe singer to overnight sensation, even appearing on American Television. Which in turn increased the viewing figures for Britains Got Talent.

Due to the numbers of users that view YouTube, a minor slip-up by a politician (Gordon Brown) or newsreader (Kay Burley) can quickly become talking points within any home or office.

The fact that YouTube now allows you to share videos across social networks has meant that videos can go viral quicker than ever.

Instant Success

YouTube has seen many talented singers bypass all the hard work that artist of the past have been through and become instant celebrities. With the help of YouTube and Trending Topics through Twitter the likes of ‘Justin Bieber' and 'Greyson Chance' have quickly become celebrities.

YouTube has also seen Rick Astley become MTV Awards 'Best Act Ever' due to Rick Rolling and a keyboard playing cat make light of any dramatic fail

YouTube Channel

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