Why YOU Need a Web-Based Application...

Why YOU Need a Web-Based Application...

You probably use them all the time without realising it - web-based applications. This means that your customers are using them as well and so the logical conclusion is that you should be providing a web-based app for for YOUR business to YOUR customers! What are the advantages? Find out now…

First of all, let's get it straight exactly what a web-based app is. It is an application whose interface (front end) is a website, as opposed to an application that has been installed on a local device. The most familiar example will probably be the comparison between Microsoft Word/Google Docs.

Microsoft Word, the popular word processing application, must be installed on a device to be used. Google Docs, on the other hand, offers all the same functions but from any internet browser. Web-based email is pretty much standard procedure for all of us now - the Microsoft Outlook application that must be installed on a desktop computer or other device has been dramatically superseded by Hotmail and other web-based email clients, for example.

The advantages of web-based apps, many of which you will regularly experience for yourself, include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Development at decreased cost - the uniform environment used to access a web-based app (i.e. the web browser) means development and troubleshooting are far easier and thus cheaper. Using Flash makes it easier still

  • Universal accessibility - traditional apps can only be accessed on the device they are installed on whereas a web app can be used anywhere there is access to the internet. Content can be customised for mobiles, PDAs etc to extend users’ ability to interact with and receive information

  • Custom changes - much easier than with desktop apps, those that are beb-based are easier to customise in terms of presentation, making personalising web users’ experiences can be achieved quickly and consistently

  • Integration and inte­rope­rability improvements - isolated systems are difficult to integrate but web-based apps use technology based on the industry-wide standard

In conclusion, web-based applications are more useful, better, faster and more successful at engaging users. Maintenance is also made quicker and security is improved. And you need a web-based app for your online business!

To find out how Brick Web Development Company can create an amazing, unique and powerful web-based app for you, contact us today.

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