Where in the World?

Where in the World?

What do Perth in Australia, New York in the USA and Lancashire right here in the UK have in common? They are three of the many places in which our web development company is changing the way people think about e-commerce websites! With Australia located just about as far away as you can get from our office (without a space shuttle), Brickweb can truly claim to go the ends of the Earth for our clients, bringing our unique, multi-disciplinary experience and talents with us. So where in the world are YOU right now…?

Brickweb (Web Development Company) has been growing and evolving for the past two decades as we have constantly and consistently increased and diversified our client portfolio. From creating the first online presence of small, local, independent startup companies to maintaining the massive, globally-accessed websites of major international industry, we apply the same dedication across the board. As our reputation has grown with us, demand for our services has continued to increase, prompting us to set up further headquarters in the USA, Canada, France and Ukraine.

The differences in culture, language, national preferences and other aspects between countries is of major importance when it comes to web design and this is a common stumbling-block for less well-established web design companies - expanding globally online while remaining local at home can quickly highlight these differences with consequent negative effects on visitor numbers and satisfaction. Conversely, Brickweb employ multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-talented teams to ensure the optimum possible experience.

Our web development company is perfect for the global ‘always-on’ culture - there is always someone awake and working on behalf of Brick clients at any given point in time. Two of our newest clients are in the aforementioned Perth and New York, adding to our broad mix of content-driven customers in Brussels, New York, Copenhagen… the list goes on!

It doesn’t matter what time it is where you are - if you need support then you will get it. Our 20 years’ of experience and impressive reputation have been earned by an ongoing dedication to maximising the potential of both our staff and our customers; we are incredibly proud of our achievements and our continuing expansion across the globe.

Want to be part of the internet empire on which the sun never sets? Call Brickweb today and tell us your story. Already got a website but not sure how well it’s performing? Get a FREE SEO audit right now!

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