What is Bounce Rate?

Brick technology, are known for our creative and bespoke web design but we also offer a full range of additional services to our customers. One of these is our Internet Marketing services; it is through this service that we take a closer look at the statistics of a website using Google Analytics.

One of the most frequently asked questions actually concerns Bounce Rate. So what is Bounce Rate is and what does it mean in relation to a website.

Google have stated that Bounce Rate is the percentage of single page visits which the person left your particular site from the entrance or landing page. This literally takes a few seconds for a visitor to decide whether or not your site is what they are looking for which is why it is so important that landing pages draw in visitors and encourage them to go deeper into your site pages.

If you have a high Bounce Rate then you need to take a look at your website and ask yourself the following questions:

What is your website about? If it isn’t apparent within the first 30 seconds then they will click off and go elsewhere. Removing any excess “clutter” from your page and make it clean and compelling can convince people to stay onsite. Furthermore your landing page should be exactly as promised, if someone is searching for “Manufacturers Lancashire” then they don’t want to come on and see a site all about “Manufacturers London”. If your promising something like a free download then don’t make people look for it make it accessible.

Does your website grab attention? The important information which is needed will need to be “above the fold” all the call to actions such as contact us, special offers and various others need to be carefully positioned to avoid the need for visitors to scroll down, search around and generally make excess effort to find it.

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