What Are Mobile Applications? – Apps!

Believe it or not the majority of people can talk about a mobile app and name quite a few but when you actually ask them what one is they do not have a clue! A mobile app is actually a piece of software which runs on a handheld device and these can include:

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • E-Reader
  • i-Pod

They have to be able to connect to a WiFi connection or wireless carrier networks and have to have an operating system capable of supporting standalone software. Most commonly people who use mobile apps actually get them from the Apple App Store or from the Android Market.

Native apps unfortunately are only “native” as their name suggests to one particular mobile operating system. These can be iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, WebOS. Therefore if you want to make your app experience available to a whole range of operating systems you need to develop a separate piece of software and this is where many get confused and it becomes costly.

In general terms a mobile app is a piece of software which uses technology such as Javascript or HTML5 in order to provide the user with interaction, navigation or customisation capabilities.

Apps run within a mobile device’s web browser, as they are needed they are delivered to the user via the internet. As many wrongly believe they are not separate programs which are stored to the user’s mobile device.

Brick technology can create a whole range of mobile apps; this is something which we are trying to get our clients involved in. Why not ask us about them next time you visit us or alternatively you can contact us and book a meeting to discuss.

They can really change the way that a brand or company interacts with their customers; mobile apps change the customer experience and if successful can really enhance it so that they will continue to return to you and hopefully sales will increase.

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