Website Upgrade for Local Company Mercer & Sons

Brick technology have been working with architectural ironmongery company Mercer & Sons for many years, providing them with a full web development and internet marketing package. The company have recently chosen to upgrade their current website and the new, improved version is now live and functioning optimally.

Mercer & Sons is a family-owned and -run company and has been since it was established more than 150 years ago in 1840. The company’s success has been down to a combination of factors, one of which is its dedication to providing extremely high levels of customer service. The new website upgrade forms part of this dedication, offering customers a contemporary online experience that is customised to requirements.

The explosion in the numbers of people using smartphones and tablets to access the internet and buy products and services online has affected every e-commerce business, forcing them to re-evaluate their online systems and strategies. A website that is fully compatible with any device is now an essential part of modern e-commerce practice, allowing customers to browse and buy with the same ease of functionality as they would on their laptop or desktop at home. The new Mercer & Sons website, created and maintained by Brick technology, is fully responsive and adaptive, automatically detecting the type of device used for access and optimising its display accordingly.

Mercer & Sons supply a diverse and extensive range of products to a large and ever-growing customer base. Being able to quickly and easily locate particular products is therefore of great importance to Mercer & Sons customers and, to facilitate this, Brick technology have created powerful search functions on the new website. The general aesthetic of the site has been improved; clean lines and a minimal feel allow the products to be clearly displayed in their best light. Behind the scenes, staff at Mercer & Sons now have access to the new and improved Brick technology control centre, allowing them to quickly and easily review and manage every aspect of their business online.

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