Website Traffic and Optimisation

Are you getting a large volume of traffic to your website but not all that many enquiries which are relevant?

Maybe you should think about how to target your web traffic so that visitors to your site so that you get relevant visitors which in turn could lead to conversions. There is a number of methods which you can try in order to get targeted web traffic. One of these is to pay for it, but there may not be a need to this if you have a little bit of patience, determination and you are willing to put in some effort.

One way to get targeted traffic is to focus on specific keywords and phrases. Inserting these into articles and then submitting these to various article submission sites is simple yet highly effective at driving traffic.

Your website should be properly optimised for search engines, this involves getting good incoming links and anchor text links from other websites. All this contributes to SEO, when you submit an article you are allowed to place an author biography at the bottom this is sometimes known as a boiler plate and is an overview of your business. It is here where you can place anchor text which links from the article submission site back to your business site.

When people access the article submission sites searching for information if you have a “sticky” article that people are interested in then they want to read it and even find out about the company. This is when they click through and are lead to your site.

The top article submission sites are:

  • http://­www.­goarticles.­com
  • http://­www.­ezinearticles.­com

By gaining links from these article submission sites, articles including keywords that people are searching for and what is relevant to your business then you have targeted traffic, better incoming links and thus a better ranking position in search engine results.

The internet marketing team at Brick technology can help you to get the most out of your website, it is our dedicated team who specialise in search engine optimisation, article submissions and many other important factors. We can’t promise to get you to the top, but we will do our very best to do.

Type “web design, Lancashire” into Google, you will find Brick technology. If this is where you want to be then contact us on 01254 277190 or email

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