Website Re-Design on BBC Causes Outrage

Recently the BBC launched their brand new re-design of their homepage; they did not know how much trouble this website re-designs was about to cause. With hundreds of web users sending their negative comments against the site it was its radically different layout which hasn’t gone down to well!

After going live last week, over a thousand comments which relate to the web design have been posted. Many users have commented saying the new homepage makes them feel confused, dizzy and sick. There have been further comments stating that they used to use the BBC homepage quite frequently but not now as it looks “dumbed down” and leaves them with the impression that the content is less reliable due to their new media driven approach. Many go on to comment in saying that BBC has lost their authority and with this re-design their reputation has been damaged.

The BBC have spoke out in stating that in September a beta testing mode of the new site went live which invited users to test and supply them with feedback on the design. James Thornett, head of the BBC homepage went on to state that his team:

  • Received and reviewed the three hundred comments on the blogs about the changes
  • Received and reviewed over twenty thousand responses to its online survey
  • Received and reviewed over two and a half thousand direct emails

Many people feel their feedback has been ignored; the BBC homepage attracts around 9 million unique visitors every single week but as part as the “Delivering Quality First” programme it was highlighted as one of ten online products which needed to be altered in order to provide a better service.

The aim of the BBC re-design was to make the site easier to understand and for website visitors to be able to see a larger selection of their content at a single glance. Through their re-design they have tried to create a more representative page which covers all the BBC services.

Brick technology understand that web designs can sometimes become outdated as more and more technological advances are announced and people change their opinions. We regularly have customers coming to us with their web development ideas and ways in which they can make their site better.

Sometimes though we have to be there as the experts to offer a helping hand and advise them that the changes they are planning may not work for their users. Through our experience within this particular industry we are in a position to be able to offer such advice.

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