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HTML5, the language used to create web applications and pages that is known as ‘the cornerstone of the Open Web Platform’, has very recently been published as a W3C Recommendation.

This specification means that HTML5 is now complete with its fifth major revision. Brick technology, always at the frontline of new web development techniques, have been implementing HTML5 for three years already and our compre­hen­sively-trained staff are completely familiar with the new processes and benefits brought about by this latest revision.

W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, is a community comprising full-time employees, partner organisations and members of the public working seamlessly together to develop and evolve the usability of the internet. Director Tim Berners-Lee, commenting on the changing use of the internet, said, “...we think nothing of watching video and audio natively in the browser... HTML5 and the Open Web Platform are driving these growing user expectations”.

The latest revision of HTML5 brings many benefits. It allows internet users to access audio and video without the need for plugins and provides programmatic access to a bitmap canvas that is dependent on resolution which enables better and faster graphic rendering (e.g. for games and apps). SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and MathML now enjoy native support while typography annotations, useful for Ruby applications, have been added.

The inter-operability of browsers is being dramatically strengthened by the HTML5 Test Suite, which currently includes more than 100,000 individual tests. Under the Patent Policy established by W3C, implementers will now be able to utilise web technology with royalty-free conditions from more than sixty partner companies, a step which is seen as critical in making the internet ‘a platform for innovation’.

Existing clients of Brick technology can rest assured that we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure your website remains fresh, modern and superbly functional, with the use of a powerful combination of tools and skills including web development, internet marketing, SEO, Retina/HD capability, mobile web design and apps.

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