Web Design and How to be Successful

For a web design company to be successful it is important that they grow with the latest innovations and updates. In order to boost clients businesses and ensure that their website ranks highly on Google search results for their keywords then Brick technology have some top must have features to be included.

Social Media Icons

Social networking sites are a simple yet effective way of adding credibility to your website and business. Having a presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can play a vital role in improving your positioning.

In the case of Facebook getting people to “Like” your profile page is perhaps one of the simplest ways of getting your business name or brand out there into the public eye. What is more is that it kind of works like Chinese whispers, one person “Likes” you and then you appear in their friends, their friends see this and may “Like” so then you appear within their group of friends and the chain goes on.

This is similar for Twitter other than you get people to “Follow” your business rather than “Like” and then the same process as above occurs.

Content, News Feeds and Blogging

This is perhaps one of the most important design features of a website, having a page where people can read about your company like Latest News. It is here where you can present your products and services, special offers and promotions as well as general things going on within your business such as a new staff member or a birthday etc.

This is a company’s chance to engage with a visitor and having “sticky” content which proves to be beneficial to them and regularly updating this can help the overall search engine optimisation of your website as well as building up customer relationships.

Search Engine Optimisation

People today lead busy lives; they don’t have the time to research into things or wait ages to find something out.  They simply want the answers they need in a clear and concise manner, if I type in Google for example “web design, Lancashire” I would expect to find a web design company which was based in Lancashire or close by. A survey found that 90% of people today search online rather than spending time researching. It is for this reason that each page of a website must be fully optimised.

Brick technology have over twenty years experience within this industry and are highly knowledgeable concerning search engine optimisation and how to get the most out of it.


This is a feature which is becoming more and more popular, companies who choose to have say two minute videos explaining what their company is about or specific product videos seem to be grabbing the attention of many visitors. Videos which can be uploaded onto a company branded YouTube Channel can be effective at capturing visitor’s attention as well as informing them about how a product works.

It is all about giving the visitor to your site that little bit extra, that sparkle! Brick technology can help our clients to get the most out of their website; we work closely with them to understand specific needs. There is one important thought and that is “what you put in is what you get out” if you are willing to constantly update your website through addition of content then you will soon see the results.

For more information regarding web design, search engine optimisation and how you can get the most out of your website then contact Brick technology on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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