Twitter Updates Mobile Web Design

It has been announced today that Twitter will be updating their mobile web version mobile.­twitter.­com and changing the look of their web design. The purpose of this is to enhance the Twitter experience for users who access the platform from their mobile phones, low-bandwidth networks or from an older browser.

Before the announcement today users listed above were actually unable to see the redesigned version of Twitter which was introduced in December 2011. Now the users will be able to view and utilise the “Discover” and “Me” tabs.

It isn’t just the addition of the features and the new design layout however which makes this mobile website more user friendly. In addition there are items much deeper which will have an added effect; the new interface actually uses one-third less bandwidth than the previous version.

The overall aim of this is that hopefully global audiences are now catered for and in some countries whereby smartphones are still not apparent then the mobile site will be ideal for them accessing the internet through a browser on a mobile phone.

Twitter’s VP of Product Satya Patel: “We will continue to make Twitter the most accessible way to connect with the world, even with the weakest signals and the simplest devices.”

Mobile websites and Mobile Apps are becoming the up and coming new thing. They have been around for some time but recently there have been a number of companies and businesses who have chosen to get themselves a Mobile App or create a mobile website.

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