Twitter Recruits Rupert Murdoch to Their Ranks!

Twitter, the social networking site which is growing rapidly is well known for its official accounts set up by some of our most well known celebrities within our society. However most recently “media mogul” Rupert Murdoch has signed up for his very own Twitter account.

Just three days ago @rupertmurdoch was set up and already it has attracted well over 45,000 followers! It isn’t all rose tinted spectacles though! Many have mixed feelings to the arrival of the 80 year old, chairman and chief executive of News Corporation’s onto Twitter.

In a Tweet from Rupert Murdoch he said “I’m getting killed for fooling around here and friends are frightened what I may really say.” However amongst his current followings Prime Minister John Prescott found the time to Tweet back to Rupert Murdoch welcoming him onto Twitter, “Welcome to Twitter @rupertmurdoch. I’ve left you a Happy New Year message on my voicemail!”

This comment caused quite a controversy as it referred to the phone-hacking scandal which had resulted into the closure of well known, the News of the World.

Further problems were created when Murdoch Tweeted to say “Maybe Brits have too many holidays for a broke country!” he did delete the comment but it was all a little bit too late as many Re-Tweeted the comment and at the time of Tweeting Mr Murdoch was actually on the Caribbean island of Saint Bathelemy. The hashtag #murdoc­hde­let­ed­tweets began to trend!

Advice was given to Mr Murdoch on Tweeting by a new unverified account written under the name of Wendi Deng, his wife. She stated, “Trying to explain to @rupertmurdoch that twitter is about following and not being followed, sharing and chatting and Tweeting”

Mr Murdoch has chosen to follow initially just four people including well known founder of Amstrad Lord Sugar who then Tweeted with a motive behind Rupert joining Twitter, “I wonder if my old pal @rupertmurdoch is eying up Twitter to buy or invest in it. He missed out on Facebook and My Space...not a great deal."

His Tweets cover a wide range of topics and following a difficult 2011 Murdoch plans to take a positive view of the New Year 2012! However experts within the field have claimed that maybe his move onto Twitter is a bit terrifying!

Many hold the view that he should think more carefully before opening this can of worms up! Currently though he is just getting to grips with being a new Tweeter!

Why not add him @rupertmurdoch and whilst you’re on your account why not follow @brickweb too!

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