Twitter Reached 10 Million Active Users

It was just one year ago when Twitter entered our lives and took the web and our mobile devices by storm. A shop in London was opened as part of their global expansion and it was just one year later when Twitter had 10 million active users in the UK but now this little birdy is looking to spread its wings and fly!

A 140 character service based on sms message character limits in the UK alone a massive 80% of users are active on mobile which isn’t surprising at all. Twitter emerged at a very critical point when many other social media services were struggling to make the transition into the mobile device world.

Since its launch Twitter has boosted itself and become a well-known brand but not only this, Twitter has also provided a platform for other companies to create their own brand and to target global audiences. 140 brands within the UK are active on Twitter as advertisers since the Promoted Products was launched. Well-known brand Cadbury used Twitter as the platform to raise awareness for the re-launch of popular chocolate bar Wispa.

Twitter has been so successful because it gives brands and people a voice, they can connect on a personal level with their customers and share information, discounts, deals, have conversations with customers as well as the most important – listen to what customers have to say about them!

The growth of Twitter has been amazing and there are now around 30 employees in the London office and more positions which need filling. Their main goal is to help users to be able to locate the most relevant content for them at any given moment in time.

Every single day 340 million Tweets go through the platform! With so much information going through the platform on a daily basis it is important that this is organised and presented to the user in a convenient way and Twitter does this really well.

Who knows where the boundary lies and what the future holds for Twitter! We just know one thing its certainly going to be a positive future and we cannot wait! It will completely revolutionise internet marketing and how this is carried out.

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