'Trends for 2013' - A Complimentary Brickweb Workshop

As part of the Brickweb commitment to providing our clients with a comprehensive and world-class yet highly-personalised service, we offer free educational workshops focusing on a variety of subjects related to web design, web development and e-commerce systems including mobile e-commerce. Offering unique insights into current trends as well as an opportunity for our clients to meet one another, these complimentary workshops are just one of the many things that make Brickweb stand out in the crowded markets of website design and e-commerce solutions.

Our current workshop is focusing on and analysing the growing and emerging trends of 2013. The growth of mobile internet continues unabated with up to 40% of all internet traffic predicted to originate from smartphones and tablets by the end of the year and transforming existing online content to a mobile website is therefore essential to every business. Windows 8 is also making an impact on the market along with Retina technology; these new services are already becoming widespread so keeping up-to-date with these technologies enables a business to maintain a current, modern profile. New methods of purchasing such as contactless payments are predicted to become commonplace over the next few years while marketing opportunities continue to be created by the seemingly-unstoppable growth of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Several attendees of our workshops have expressed a positive opinion about the opportunity to meet other Brick clients face-to-face. These meetings allow clients to discuss their experiences and share knowledge, information and ideas that can help both parties further improve their marketing methods. Though the workshop itself is a structured process in order to maximise its potential, there is plenty of time afterwards for informal conversation with a refreshing cup of tea or coffee.

Our 'Trends for 2013' workshop has already had one successful run and will take place again on Wednesday 6th January from 1pm. The clients who attended our last workshop all agreed it had been an enlightening and enjoyable experience and we are keen to repeat this success on Wednesday. Brickweb are looking at introducing these workshops on a more regular basis of once a month and several ideas are already being developed including ways to make a website more attractive to customers and new ways of Search Engine Optimisation.

We look forward to welcoming our clients on Wednesday. As always, do not hesitate to contact the Brickweb team if you require information, advice or support.



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