Top eCommerce Website Trends

We’ve been keeping an eye on the top eCommerce trends emerging in January, Product innovation and new marketing methods that are up and coming and noteworthy. 2011 was another record breaker for our clients, Each year eCommerce grows and grows. We’ve listed 4 eCommerce trends below…

1. Social Media Integration

As Social Media continues to expand particularly using Facebook, Twitter and Google+, online business is moving rapidly into this space and showing that having a social media strategy is well worth the additional effort From an emarketing point of view, fans and followers are gathering right in front of you. Don’t ignore these opportunities to create a solid affinity with your customers.

They will follow, read your news and you can keep in touch and TALK to your customers. These visitors come to you engage them, discuss, get product reviews, promote special offers. Attend our workshops and we’ll show you which of Brick’s customers are taking social media by storm!

2. Tablet and Smart TV Shopping

Big Increase in new device sales

Tablet and Smart TV sales started to increase in 2011 and in our opinion are going to continue to grow rapidly in 2012. Although the Apple iPad 2 remains top of the leader board, Samsungs Galaxy tablet is growing in popularity. 1 in every 2 new TV sales incorporate Smart/Connected functionality.

3. Real Time Connection

Customer service and Live Help

Customer service is another weapon in your arsenal.

Engage your visitors directly, in real time, answer their questions right there and then, convert sales through live consultation.

4. Dynamic Websites

On site Marketing

Spending online is increasing; core marketing techniques are evolving as well. Use promotion codes, coupons, special offers and keep them fresh and up to date.

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