This Article Will Self Destruct In 10 Seconds...

This Article Will Self Destruct In 10 Seconds...

From Blackburn with Love comes the latest innovation to improve your internet presence and visibility - our special, secret publication. If you have got a View to a Sell and want to make sure your customers see you through a Goldeneye, then you need to immediately join Her Majesty’s SEOcret Service and get your hands on a copy!

So, we should take a moment to explain all the James Bond references there… Well, the franchise recently turned 50 years old and, as everyone at Brickweb are big fans, we decided to get together and watch some of the movies. While watching, we realised that James Bond is so successful because of his continuing dedication to service - this is exactly how YOU can become more successful online, by serving YOUR customers in the same, unerring and unending way that Mr Bond serves Her Majesty!

From this idea, we have created the new Brickweb booklet - On Her Majesty’s Secret Search Engine Optimisation 2016. SEO is still a massively important aspect of maintaining a successful ecommerce website but the way in which it is done has changed dramatically. It used to be that the person who could be botherd copy-pasting the most keywords onto their website would get the high search engine rankings but Google quickly wised up to that and started introducing their logarithms.

Today, Google is the go-to search engine of choice and its logarithms and other techniques are widely imitated. Google uses extremely intelligent software to ensure that SEO is much more relevant in terms of helping users find the websites they want to visit. As always, Brickweb remain at the forefront of developments, constantly working out the best strategies for our customers before applying them and enjoying the results.

Our new SEO Strategy booklet will tell you:

  • How to succeed in digital marketing this year and beyond

  • All about Google’s new artificial intelligence - Rankbrain

  • Why you should and how you can conduct keyword research

  • Link-building tactics that avoid penalties

  • ..and much more!

To get your copy of this game-changing booklet, you need to get in touch with the Brick team today. You can call us, email, chat live or connect with us on social media. Now, time for a dry martini. Shaken, not stirred!

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