THINK about Internet Marketing

When considering whether or not to have internet marketing for your website then it is important that you STOP and think about it properly before jumping in and getting involved with any old SEO company that you simple stumble across – not saying you would!

It is ultimately the budget which is allocated to such activities. There are a number of website owners who simply want to be at that number one spot for their keywords and phrases which is understandable and we can help you achieve this.

Brick technology are experts at internet marketing and our savvy team can get you where you need to be but it takes a lot of hard work and this requires a certain amount of budget applied to internet marketing activities for it to work.

Positioning is never going to be something which will occur overnight but the way to do it is to ensure you pick an internet marketing provider or SEO (search engine optimisation) consultant carefully.

You need to ask them if they can provide you with examples of sites which they have got to the top positions as well as looking into their methodologies to ensure that they are ethical in what they are doing because placing your site on a load of Viagra sites yes it might get you links and hits to the site but in reality if your selling say veneered doors then are these going to be qualitative customers?

It is unlikely that they are going to be quality customers for you and so you need to listen to what they say to you and more importantly what they promise. If they are promising quick results then turn around and walk out, ethical SEO will take around 3 months before anything noticeable occurs.

There is a lot of work and effort which goes into setting up an internet marketing campaign for a company but when a strong foundation is laid then you can enjoy seeing your website eventually in the number one positioning for your keywords and phrases.

With Brick technology you will get an expert account manager who will be in charge of ensuring regular monthly IM Meetings are booked and also that notes are taken, action points made and that any tasks are actioned.

Before contacting any SEO or internet marketing provider you should work out how much you can budget for internet marketing activities then when you approach them they will have a better understanding of exactly what you can have for your money and how far this will get you.

Whether you have a small budget or a large budget Brick technology can provide a range of services for everyone.

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