There's An App For Everything - Or Is There..?

There's An App For Everything - Or Is There..?

Remember, many years ago, when mobile apps were a brand new thing? Apple coined the phrase ‘There’s an app for that’ and, at the time, it seemed like there really was an app for everything. Now, of course, there really IS an app for everything and your devices are almost certainly crammed with them. Many people have regular ‘cleanups’ of their devices, removing unused apps to make space for new ones. Do you want your app to be doomed to the same fate!?

From jogging to juicing, apps are incredibly helpful in our everyday lives and the rise of mobile shopping has spurred on their development. Survey after survey has shown that people spend way more time using mobile apps than they do on mobile websites, the shift being most noticeable in the mobile shopping sector. It has become practically essential for an ecommerce website to offer an app - everywhere from taxi companies to takeaways has their own, proudly available and usually for free (but don’t forget those in-app purchases!).

So, what makes a good app? It has to be clear for a start - clearly branded, clearly defined and clearly navigable. Speed is always of the essence - our attention spans are dropping faster than ever and boredom sets in quickly These are just some of the qualities and all of them can only come from successful teamwork between you, the e-commerce website operator and us, a world-class web development company.

We have produced mobile apps for several of our clients, all of which have quickly showed positive, cost-effective results. With the same care, consideration and dedication to quality that we apply when creating our adaptive, responsive websites, we design, build and maintain mobile apps that leave competitors deep in the shade. Is that somebody waving at us over there?!

It is a surprisingly fast process, from making the decision to join the app army to actually seeing that very app available along with all of the others on the various app stores. Use your existing connections to spread the word that your business is now ‘appy to accept customers who prefer the app experience as opposed to using the mobile web. Bring us your business ideas, let us advise you on how you can best present them and get the message out to a restless market - then let us make it happen, together.

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