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With the incredible number of companies offering custom web design, it can be a difficult matter which of them to choose. It is easy to become lost in the midst of all of the jargon, special offers, packages and providers, so a web design company that can offer intelligent, creative and personal service is the best kind to work with. This is where Brickweb step in, clearing a path through the plethora of companies to provide simple yet highly effective service as we have been doing since 1996, since which time we have grown to become the premier digital agency in Lancashire.

Creating and maintaining a successful website is an essential part of modern business practice as customers and clients now expect as standard the facility to access information about the company online as well as be able to buy a range of products and services using a variety of payment methods. It is of paramount importance that the team constructing and maintaining the website are experienced and possess the necessary expert skills required to create an eye-catching design coupled with simple, intuitive navigation. Our team work personally with all clients from the outset to ensure the supply of the most cutting-edge web marketing and development directly, laying the foundation for a dynamic, advanced website. Once the website is live, we offer one-to-one analysis in addition to regular focused strategy meetings to keep generating ideas and suggestions for moving the business forward. 24-hour technical support comes as standard, as does advice and information on Search Engine Optimisation, social networking, internet marketing and the latest pioneering techniques and technologies. Our creative team believe that a website is a virtual shop window into a company and, as with a real shop window, it must be creatively and attractively dressed to draw in customers, showcasing the best products in an enticing and interesting way.

The complex areas necessary for the successful running of a website such as branding, logos, graphics, coding and design are easily navigated by our highly-trained team. Our skilled coders, designers, internet marketing experts and copywriters take pride in producing work of the highest standard which is the reason we are official partners of many leaders in the technological field, including Google, Microsoft, Barclay's, IBM and HSBC. It is important that all websites are functional on all major browsers and platforms and that they are compliant with current internet laws such as cookie warnings and accessibility. Our team are fully conversant with all of these directives and continue to receive training to keep them at the forefront of modern web design and allow them to provide a world-class service from our offices in London, Ontario, New York, Zaporizhzhya and Limoux.

Put simply, Brickweb offer unmatched, luxury service. The majority of designers and developers are not able to provide the wide scope of knowledge and expertise that the Brickweb team possess, which in turn provides businesses with a lucrative, expertly-designed website that customers will find simple and effective to use. To choose Brickweb is to choose functionality, reliability, innovation and satisfaction. For more information on any of our products and services, please contact a member of our expert team.

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