The Royal Website

The Royal Website

Last week we brought you Eurovision websites, this week we're bringing you ROYAL websites! The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last week instantly became the event of the year; nothing was left to chance and everything ran smoothly, just like our web development service!

One of our many successful clients, Bridal Fabrics, was particularly interested to see just what the bride's dress was like. Bridal Fabrics supplies one of the largest collections of wedding dress materials in the UK and also have an international presence in the USA. When the closely-guarded secret of Meghan's dress and the designer was revealed, their website went wild with traffic as brides-to-be started immediately trying to recreate the look.

Now, we know much more about designing, building and maintaining world-class websites than we do about bridal couture but even we could tell that Meghan Markle's dress was a showstopper (we even thought she upstaged her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge!). The dress, by French Fashion house Givenchy, cost over £350,000 and nothing but the best material was used, crafted by the most intelligent and creative designer around.

That's also a lot like the Brick Technology web development service, apart from the price! We build websites using our own Content Management System (CMS) designed and kept constantly updated by our expert coders. Nothing but the best will do and it's all implemented by our intelligent, intuitive team.

If you want to be the best and upstage YOUR rivals, then get Brick Technology on your side. Call us TODAY to start creating your very own right royal website.

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