Rise of the Natives

Rise of the Natives

As mobile app development has progressed, it has become clear that native mobile apps account for a far greater portion of time spent online than mobile web applications. Renowned analytics firm Flurry has revealed the results of a study that shows, while the average overall time spent online using a mobile device has risen to an average of 2h42m a day, just 22 minutes of this time is spent on the mobile web - the rest of the time is spent using mobile apps.

Data published by comScore agrees with the trend and takes into account a wide range of apps from iPhone, Android and more. The most popular app was revealed to be Facebook with others in the top 10 including Apple, Amazon, Yahoo, Google and eBay. ComScore also found that:

  • The average smartphone user downloads three apps per month

  • 57% of smartphone owners use apps every day, along with 26% of tablet owners

  • 79% of smartphone owners use their favourite apps at least 26 days in an average month, along with 52% of tablet owners

  • App users with an iPhone clock up nine more hours online each month than those with an Android device

The result of this shift has seen many companies who began with a purely web-based presence now desperately seeking reputable, talented and knowledgeable mobile app developers who can transform their ecommerce business with a contemporary mobile app platform. Brick technology offer a comprehensive, professional and proven-effective mobile app development service to ensure our clients remain at the top and enjoy a smooth, seamless transition.

Brick technology are Apple and Google Play mobile app developers and have created a number of highly-successful native apps for our clients. As mobile app usage continues to rise, we will continue to provide a cutting-edge, world-class service, keeping your ecommerce presence fresh, vital and ultimately profitable.

We invite you to visit our ‘Native Apps’ page, where you can see the quality of our work for yourself. Then, give our skilled team a ring to discuss your unique requirements - we guarantee that our service will make you ‘appy!

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