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Mobile Application Development

Many of us don't even know what she’s actually famous for but there is nobody who doesn’t know her name - Kim Kardashian. The celebrity is in the news almost constantly and a significant proportion of the stories are about how much money she has made or spent recently. The latest, and biggest, news from the Kardashian Kamp is that she has hit the top of the rich list for reality stars….

Ah so that’s why she’s famous: for being real! It is a display of just how powerful social media and mobile apps have become, helping to propel her from ordinary woman into media superstar. Last year, Kim earned a whopping $51m and much of that can be traced directly back to her online presence.

As well as being the richest, Kim is also the most-followed reality tv star. She has been involved with a number of multi-million dollar online projects and her #1 spot on this year’s rich list was really no surprise to anyone. She now makes more money from her mobile work than from any other source.

All of the mobile products sold by Kim Kardashian are very low in price and so she has to sell a lot to get to the top of the rich list. The internet, social media and mobile apps are what has allowed her to reach such a huge market.

  • Her mobile phone game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, generated an amazing $71.8 in 2015. The game continues to increase in popularity and Kim takes a 40% cut from all proceeds

  • With so many followers on Instagram, Kim attracts the attention of many companies who want her to endorse their product. If Kim likes the product, companies can be quite sure that thousands of other people will buy it too

  • Kim helped to design a series of emojis, based on herself, and these are available in an app priced at $1.99. Millions of people have downloaded it and now their messages look just like Kim’s do.

  • She also has a personal app that is subscription based, to make sure that her fans can constantly keep up to date. This app is $2.99 and, once again, millions of people have forked out for it.

The power of the internet social media and mobile apps cannot be underestimated. Find out more about how to get your own Mobile Applications...

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