The Motion of Mobile

The Motion of Mobile

Insight, along with its cousin foresight, is a prime commodity when you’re part of the online marketplace. Being smart is also high up there on the priorities list. So, when you get the very latest info from a statistics and integrated management company called Smart Insights, then you know you're onto a good thing! Here are the big five questions and, more importantly, the hard data they answer them…

  1. Mobile media takes up a lot of consumer time, but h ow much? Well it all depends on what part of the day it is. Mobile media use was found to vary greatly throughout the day, an important consideration when it comes to buying such products as Adwords. During the day, desktop use rises as the at-work community browse while tablet and smartphone access takes a sharp increase in the evening.

  2. How many on mobile? This is a really hard one to pin down and this is because most users are multiplatform; indeed, these users are also likely to be multi-screening as well. Consistency is key and the seamless experience across devices is a must.

  3. What is the website visit rate from mobile vs desktop devices? The figures show that more time is spent using mobiles but the data need careful interpretation due to the different kinds of experiences each is used for. A lot of mobile time is spent on social media and email while tablets and desktops tend to be used more for in-depth reviewing and purchasing; this explains the comparatively lower mobile conversion rates for retail.

  4. App or mobile site? It’s a pretty resounding win for app usage as compared to usage of mobile sites, with apps taking up a whopping 90% of total online mobile time on average.

  5. Ad-spend vs Consumption? In 2015, mobile ad spending was just under half of total digital ad spending. Only a year later, the total grew to 60.4% and now in 2017 the figure stands just under 67%. Projections show that mobile ad spending as a percentage of digital ad spending will continue to rise, reaching 72.2% y 2019.

It’s a mobile world and it’s going to get more so. Will you move with it? If you do, you're going to need an expert navigator and that’s where we come in. To hear how we can bring motion, verve and acceleration to YOUR business online, call us TODAY.

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