The Brick Factory: A Total Turnkey Solution

The Brick Factory: A Total Turnkey Solution

As the number of online shoppers continues to rise exponentially, so too does their demand for more customisation and personalisation options. This has led an ever-increasing desire for print-on-demand services, such as direct-to-garment/­screen printing and embroidery. To meet this demand, we have created The Brick Factory, a secure, powerful and world-class cloud portal for e-commerce merchandisers.

The Brick Factory boasts a comprehensive suite of features, that will allow you to effortlessly and efficiently run your entire merchandising factory, in realtime, from any device that you choose.

Bespoke Modules

The Brick Factory provides you with powerful bespoke ordering, shipping and fulfillment modules for you and your customers, saving you precious time and improving the experience for both of you. There is also a range of affiliate programmes to choose from.


The Brick Factory lets you quickly synchronise your operations with all of the major accounting systems like SAGE and QuickBooks, ensuring that the financial side of your business runs as smooth as silk. You can also sync up with all major UK supply chains, such as Pencarrie, BTS, Ralawise and Presti­geLe­isure.


Integrate seamlessly with product suppliers' inventories and databases to give you thousands of product choices: eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, Wordpress and Shopify are all supported. Our unique API/CSV integration tool also allows you to integrate with unique stores, as well as third-party systems like Order Desk and Netsuite.

Artificial Intelligence Module

It's impossible to make yourself available 24/7 in order to deal with every customer question or opportunity. Our AI module, created using industry-leading Microsoft Azure software, can reliably take over this time-consuming job.

Please browse our website to learn full details about the innovative, revolutionary Brick Factory. Then, when you see just how much it could change your business for the better, we invite you to book a free demonstration. The future starts HERE.

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