The Arrival of Santa Claus!

Opening the door to the Brick Technology Office this morning and you would see that it was not like a usual morning where we arrive, offer to make drinks and review what we have planned for the day...

This particular day there were surprises waiting for both the Internet Marketing team and other members of our Brick family. It would have seemed that this year Santa had come visiting early at The Gatehouse, Daisyfield.

Our web design company, Lancashire must have been very good this year and placed high on Santa's delivery list! Either that or Web Design, Blackburn had tickled his fancy this year.

Maybe last he got the best biscuits from around this area? Who knows, but there are always plenty of biscuits in our biscuit jar not to mention chocolate!

More than likely he probably thought that we deserved it after another successful year at Brick Technology, one filled with a lot of hardwork!

Each desk held a gift bag which was beautifully presented, coloured tissue paper carefully placed and two crackers lay on the top, covering what hid inside!

No one has yet dared to peek inside and see what he has brought, we are all waiting till Christmas Day so as not to ruin the excitement!

We thought that we would take this opportunity to wish everyone, especially our clients:

Merry Brick-mas and a Happy New Year!

With special thanks to Colin & Susan, *cough cough*...Mr and Mrs Santa!

Make sure that you contact us in the New Year!

We will be thrilled to discuss with you possible Web Design Projects, Web Development and not to forget Internet Marketing and SEO! as well As any Media Production you may require.

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