Super-Fast Broadband From BT Put on Hold

After a major exchange in Birmingham experienced power failure many BT Broadband customers across the UK were cut off which included some of our web design clients. All of our Brick websites remained online and 100% in working order despite the Brick technology office broadband being down.

Despite this outrage to services though BT have announced that they are going to be releasing a super fast broadband service which could offer their customers speeds of 300Mbps instead of the usual 110Mbps which is provided currently.

Trials are well underway this month and are testing out the super-fast broadband and pushing it to its limits. In total £2.5bn has been invested in rolling out the broadband to approximately two thirds of the UK premises by the end of 2015 – providing everything goes to plan; We will talk about this in detail in a minute!  

It is extremely exciting the thought of super-fast broadband because as a web design company who specialise in web design, web development, internet marketing and media production it would completely transform our industry amongst other digital industries.  

Already the government has backed super-fast broadband and it is one of their priorities for investment at the minute. Already they have contributed £530m to help deliver the fastest broadband in Europe into usage by 2015. This figure however is only half of the required investment.

Improving the UK’s broadband will mean that digital industries will be able to grow that is if BT could stick to their plans!

As mentioned before about everything going to plan already there has been a hiccup! BT planned to kit out 12 of their exchanges with the new fibre network and this was hoped to be completed by the end of the year; this now will not happen.

A spokesperson for BT; Mr John McQuoid stated,

“BT had been forced to delay the rollout of its fibre to the premises technology after one quarter of trials conducted found engineers taking two days to blow cables into customer’s homes. At the time when some of the trials were being conducted on around 1,000 properties it was being found that the installation of the cables was taking twice as long as anticipated due to duct blockages that needed to be cleared”.

BT originally planned the 12 exchanges to be fully prepared by the end of September which then was delayed till the end of 2011 and now only half the exchanges will be kitted out in this time.

We will have to see what BT manage by the end of 2011 although we won’t be holding our breath that what they say is an accurate time scale of when they will roll out the heavily anticipated super-fast broadband.

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