Starting a presence on Socials

A popular question which keeps on popping up in our internet marketing meetings at Brick technology is whether or not there is a point for a business to enter into the world of social networking as a way to promote their company, brand, product and services.

However social networking is fast becoming more and more popular and is seen as one of the most effective internet marketing strategies. They work by bringing people from all kinds of backgrounds together so that they can interact, view pictures and videos, link to one another’s profiles and communicate through internal messaging systems as well as letting others know their current status.

Creating an account on social networking sites is extremely easy and convenient and it is this reason amongst many why businesses are choosing to have a presence and create profiles. People from all over the world come together, but it is easy to find a niche market dependent upon certain categories.

The most popular social networking sites are Twitter and Facebook. Now Twitter is known for its micro-blogging, tweeting and re-tweeting. You gather yourself followers as well as following people who you wish to target so for instance if you are a Lancashire Business directory for manufacturers then you would follow all the Lancashire manufacturers which are based within Lancashire. Mentioning another Twitter users name makes your tweets visible within their particular threading boxes and thus information is passed on to their followers.

With Twitter however you cannot feature banner ads but you are allowed to use your business name and logo on your profile. The best thing about Twitter is you can listen out for people tweeting about say “Lancashire Manufacturers” and so if anyone posts about this within a specific radius it can notify you.

Facebook on the other hand is a place where you can create an ad page and people simply “like” this, it then appears in their pages and this is how you can promote because then their friends can also “like” and it all gets a little bit like Chinese whispers only the message doesn’t get confused.

The key to success when creating a presence on social networking is to ensure that you interact and be social, if a user asks you something either by commenting or tweeting then make sure you reply and really engage with them.

Brick technology can help intergrate socials into your web design, for more information about this or our internet marketing then contact us on 01254 277190 or email

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