Social Networks in Space and Business

More and more people have been delving into the world of social networking, creating profiles on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. A fairly new feature which allows people to see where you are, what you are doing and even who you are with, “checking in” has become another popular craze.

Checking in at impressive places in order to wow your friends is something which many users try to achieve, however there is perhaps one person that you cannot match and that is Doug Wheelock.

Doug, an American astronaut actually checked in whilst on board the International Space Station in October last year. Literally this was an out of this world event and it was NASA’s way of connecting with followers through the use of social media.

However he hasn’t been the only person to use social networking from space, Mike Massimino was the first person to Tweet from out of space. He told followers, "enjoying the magnificent views" en-route to the Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA now has over 100 Twitter accounts and 20 of these belong to astronauts who share details of their day to day lives and experiences with the public. This offers a great insight inside NASA which without social media sites we wouldn’t have the chance to access.

Brick technology is always advising our customers about the advantages of establishing their businesses online. A website is one of the simplest ways of doing this and we can offer you some world class web designs. Social networks can then be introduced; having your name all over the internet can help people to find you however what is going to make them stay on your site?

There is a need now for people to feel involved, they want to know more about who they are dealing with. People do business with people! If you are going to set up a social media account for your business then you need to make sure it isn’t left dormant, i.e. the lights are on but no one is home!

Interacting with customers, providing them with knowledgeable information that is informative and useful can really leave an imprint of your company within their minds. The important thing to remember though is that social networking is for communication and for customers to be able to relate to you, not to annoy them by shoving your products and services in their faces and becoming an online pest!

Once you commit to having your business on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter it is important that you do not just give up. Aim to spend about ten minutes each day replying to customer queries and just ensuring that your profile is kept up to date – ten minutes is literally all it takes! Even Brick technology has entered into social networking through our Twitter and Facebook sites and we regularly keep these up to date.

Many people often ask us why should they use social networks for their business, is it not just a place for people to post their weekend antics, chat to friends and other meaningless stuff?

The change has already happened, the way we communicate within both social lives and business lives has changed. It is important that you embrace social media and be open minded about the effects it can have on your business. With big names such as NASA making the change and getting involved it can’t really be all that bad can it!

Brick technology web design, offers to you so much more! Not only can we provide you with a bespoke web design but through our internet marketing we can help you with all these extra items so that you are always one step ahead.

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