Social Media is Taking Over!

Social Media is one of my personal favourites in regards to internet marketing and recently we have seen more and more people take to sites like Facebook and Twitter but most astonishingly we have seen more and more businesses choosing to implement them into their internet marketing strategies.

Technological advancements has meant that in addition to our desktop PC’s we now have a number of mobile devices which are connected to the internet and are fast revolutionising how we communicate as well as wider society.

Through social media apps, Facebook and Twitter people can easily take their social networks with them wherever they go! They can check in and send updates to their friends and followers allowing them to note their every move and every little detail of life if they so wish!

Already Twitter has seen a 300% increase in people who are signing up to their site and it is predicted that both communities on Facebook and Twitter will continue to grow and grow.

Google has started rolling out its “+1” button and this hopefully will mark the rise of social signals. Already content is being branded with buttons like “share on Facebook” which and the “+1” button will show content which is voted as being valuable by humans rather than a machine.

Both search engines, Google and Bing have already increased the visibility and priority of social networks within their search results and items like YouTube videos, Facebook pages and even LinkedIn profiles amongst other social media aspects are actually beginning to rank higher.

With aspects of social media allowing the person’s location to be shown more geo-targeting of social media marketing has occurred and this will go from strength to strength with already in the USA Facebook are storing location based details such as your postcode.

E-Commerce has been around for approximately 15 years now and it has started to have an impact on the “brick and mortar” stores which exist within our society. Over the next few years we predict that 20% of retail sales will occur online. Social media has furthered this online shopping experience where you can take your shop through apps or Facebook Pages as they are known onto the Facebook network so there is no need to even leave your page!

Even normal family traditions are being changed by social media. Where as you used to play games around the kitchen table or in the park now a whole new form of gaming has been introduced and the traditional idea of a game has been redefined. Social gaming is proving to be more popular where a person can play a game with their network of friends or family through their social network.

Two of the most popular games through Facebook are Farmville and Mafia Wars and currently 230million Facebook users actually play it every single month!

Brick technology want to know what you think about social networks? What impact have you seen them make whether these are bad or good?

What does the future hold for social media?

We predict that it has an extremely bright future ahead and already the amount of things that we can do through social media is outstanding and we are looking forward to what will be brought out next!

Please leave your comments below on how social media is affecting you.

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