Social Media in Web Design

As part of many of our web designs Brick technology actually implement social network icons which link directly from a customer website to their socials.

Social networking as part of an internet marketing plan is completely revolutionising the way in which companies are now marketing and advertising themselves as well as the way in which they promote their brand, product and services.

Facebook and Twitter seem to be the two social networking sites in which people and companies are choosing to venture onto first. It is uncommon now to go onto either one of these and not be able to find a well known brand or company.

Although many use their socials very well others literally set them up, fill them with company logos, products and information before just leaving them to sit there filling up with automated, generic tweets or comments. Extra traffic may well be driven to the website as a result but this is not going to work in the grand scheme of things.

Social media is a fantastic tool however; it needs to be used properly. You need to clearly identify who your target market is and ensure that you choose the social networking platforms in accordance with this. Facebook and Twitter is popular for many but other social networking sites do exist and these could be better for targeting different types of people.

Take a look at your competitors; see what their presence is like online. do they even have one? When looking at them take note of anything they are doing which is proving to generate interest and ensure that anything they are doing which is having a negative effect isn’t included in your social media strategy.

Always ensure that you remember these are social networks. People are not always interested in having products and services shoved in their faces at every given opportunity. Social network sites work best for companies when they take the time to actually communicate with customers and maybe offer those help and advice that need it as well as useful hints and tips.

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