So You Think You're Trendy?

So You Think You're Trendy?

The internet has come a long, long way since it first became widely available and now, seemingly in an instant, the GIFS that proliferated online and somehow kept us totally absorbed and entertained in the 90s have turned up repackaged as retro. Just as in fashion, food or any other sector of industry you care to name, trends in web development and design also move with the times; in fact, progression in the digital arena is the fastest anywhere and you need a strong, experienced and confident web developer backing you and your business up.

We keep our finger firmly on the pulse of the arrhythmic heartbeat of web development trends and here are the current TOP FIVE you should know about:

  • Bring it to Life - animation has always been used to enhance a website and now it’s more important than ever before. Ensuring the visitor enjoys a more interactive experience, good animations also ensure higher conversion rates. We’re not just talking product videos here - animation refers to any moving image on the site

  • What’s your Pattern? - you will certainly have noticed than many websites now have a very familiar and similar look and feel to them. This is because the number of UI patterns chosen has shrunk as people seek a more unified experience across devices and online locations

  • Size Matters - micro­in­te­rac­tions are happening all the time, from people simply liking a picture, switching off their alarm clock or checking a voicemail. More of these engagements with user interfaces are happening all the time - understanding how your customers behave and responding appropriately makes all the difference

  • Flat is All That - Google’s newest style language, the unique Material Design, uses shadows and movement-based concepts to create realistic, detailed webscapes for the visitor’s pleasure. Every unique touch is essential in such a crowded marketplace

  • Trust the Experts - responsive design is pretty much standard for websites now as the saturation of smartphones has become all but total. It does, however, bring its own set of problems if not carefully controlled and managed - a strong, sound knowledge backing combined with dedication is what you want from a web development company

So, how trendy is YOUR website looking in the fashion stakes? More to the point, how is it performing? If you want to find out for FREE with a personalised SEO report, just fill in the form here, no credit card needed.

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