September Workshop — 'Preparing for Christmas'

Christmas is one of the peak selling periods for many e-commerce businesses. In order to make sure your website is prepared well in time, Brickweb are offering free workshops focusing on the best strategies to take advantage of the lucrative Christmas market.

As online and mobile shopping is now so popular, competition is fierce among online retailers. There are a great many ways to make a website truly stand out from the crowd, particularly by providing responsive design and relevant, current content. Brickweb sites are mobile-ready, offering customers a seamless and intuitive user experience that optimises perfectly to any display. E-commerce businesses who have chosen Brickweb to provide our superlative Content Management System find managing their online presence becomes a matter of simplicity with the accurate, elegant and intelligent design. Particularly during the busy Christmas period, the system can save many valuable business hours.

Our ‘Preparing for Christmas’ workshop will show you the best way to attract, retain and ultimately sell to customers in the crowded online marketplace. Offering valuable insights into web design, social media, advertising, promotions and content management, the workshop is designed to maximise your company’s potential for increased business throughout the festive season and beyond. We will show you how to target promotional offers, the best way and time to send out newsletters, how to use Twitter and Facebook to raise the company’s profile and drive the brand forward. Presented by our highly-experienced team, every Brickweb workshop so far has received strongly positive feedback from attendees.

Brickweb offer this and other workshops on a regular basis for all our customers, allowing clients to make the most of their service from us whilst also offering the opportunity for clients to meet with each other and share valuable information. All workshops are complimentary though booking is essential; please contact us to book your place on the September ‘Preparing for Christmas’ Brickweb workshop, which will take place at our office in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Our experienced and capable team are available by calling +44 (0)1254 277190 or via email at

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