Search Engine Optimisation

People are always looking for ways in which they can improve their sites Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is known in its abbreviated form.

When SEO is being implemented throughout the pages on your website it is extremely important that there is a clear and apparent call to action for a website visitor.

Once users have found you through specific keywords you need to decide what it is you would like them to do and if there is no call to action; a request or direction for them to “do something”

Search Engine Optimisation is the method of improvement in order to ensure your web pages are picked up by a search engine when a relevant user search is made. However, the main goal is to appear at the top or as high as possible for specific search terms.

Content is what we always talk about at Brick technology; it is the age old record! Search engines love text and if your site has fresh and regular content which has been implemented with appropriate keywords and phrases in high volume but without compromising the content’s quality or readability then it is likely to play high within results.

Never optimise a single page for a variety of keywords or phrases at the same time. A search engine has a set of algorithms and when a word or phrase is searched for it effectively rounds up the results for that word.

A website page which features a word in high volume and this word has been placed within original content then the web design will appear in a high position. Websites which have good optimisation will focus different pages on different keywords ensuring that each page ranks well for that particular keyword or phrase.

So how do you improve your websites search engine performance?

There isn’t a single measure which will influence this but a combination of a number of things. No one is going to wave a magic wand and all of a sudden your website is ranking highly for your select keyword and phrases. If it was that easy everyone would be ranking highly; the real fact is that not everyone can rank in the number one spot for say internet marketing!

Unfortunately the only way to ensure success within search engine optimisation is just to keep working on it constantly. The minute you start to slack you will see your positioning decrease dramatically. Through our internet marketing services at Brick technology we can help you to ensure that your website it up to date.

Search engines favour original content which is useful to them, reads well and has no spelling or grammatical errors as well as being implemented with your keywords and phrases. The next point is important to note; search engines look how recent the text is and the more up to date it is the more likely they are to come back and keep indexing your pages. Not only has this but search engines had to provide the most qualitative information to the searcher but also the most up to date.

Basically the more frequently you update your website with unique content then the more you will contribute to the success of SEO.

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