Our Latest Website Development!

Wykamol.com the market leader for property renovation and repair products and services.

We have yet another example of when all at Brick technology produce another world class website. The launch of www.wykamol.com was an exciting development which is already showing fantastic results for for our new client Wykamol Group.

For well over 70 years, within the field of property renovation and repair Wykamol group have been a market leader. Going back to their earlier times, their founder devised a chemical treatment for eradicating insect attacks upon timber. Since then Wykamol and their product range have grown and grown and have now evolved into the broadest range of property repair and renovation solutions within the UK. Now they’ve put their faith in Brick technology to develop and market their online presence.

Wykamol products are now distributed and used throughout Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

The website has been uniquely designed to appeal to a worldwide audience. It offers an information on products and services to the construction industry dealing with damp proofing, timber treatments, surface treatments, condensation as well as basements and structural problems.

One of the highly successful features of this website is the Livehelp facility which enables visitors to the site to be able to ask questions and receive answers directly from an expert in real time. This has proved a very popular service as it enables customers to ask direct questions. Visitors simply click on the livehelp link and are attended to by the in-house team at Wykamol. The Wykamol team can also pro-actively engage visitors by viewing their journey, length of time spent on pages etc. This service is helping Wykamol convert visitors in to enquiries instantly.

Wykamol provide services including design and specifications to Architects and Engineers, Local Authorities, Contractors and Private Homeowners. Not only this! They supply to a UK wide network of Approved Contractors. This enables them to carry out treatments and installations to the highest of standards using Wykamol’s cutting edge and industry leading range of products.

Why not take a look at what Wykamol and Brick technology have achieved? Visit www.wykamol.com

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