New Arrival, Training and Workshops

Brick technology Ltd would like to wish a warm welcome to our new arrival. Hayley Pearson joined the close knit Brickweb team and she will be working as the sales/marketing administrator as well as providing a PA role to our Managing Director.

Already Hayley had a good understanding of Brick technology as she is the older sister of our Editor, Hannah who works as a part of Brick technology team within Internet Marketing. Hannah ensures that clients have regular news updates, article submissions, social updates, newsletters and press releases.

Hayley has now been here for three weeks and has settled in well although she has not quite mastered everyone’s personal taste in cups of teas and coffee! Already she is driving in new prospects who require high quality, professional web design. Now that Hayley has joined the team our Managing Director is kept on his toes - she has been nicknamed the slave driver of Brick technology although it was in jest!

She will be the first point of contact for our customers, dealing with their problems and ensuring that any tasks are designated to the correct member of our Brick technology, web design team. From now on Hayley will be there to ensure tasks are carefully delegated and chased up right the way through to completion.

You should contact Hayley for information in regards to our Workshop and Training Sessions.  They run on the first Tuesday and the last Thursday of every month and concern a wide range of useful topics as well as the basics in regard to our control centre.

Dates for upcoming workshops at Brick technology, web design:

  • Thursday 25th August 2011
  • Tuesday 6th September 2011
  • Thursday 29th September 2011
  • Tuesday 4th October 2011
  • Thursday 27th October 2011

If you want to Mind Your Own Business and learn more about Brick technology control centre as well as a various other information then make sure you book onto one of these sessions. Maybe as a client you have something you always struggle with and no matter how hard you have tried to work it out you cannot do it?

Training sessions and workshops are ideal for addressing this type of issue. They can also act as a re-fresh for using your control centre if you haven’t really used it in a while. Specialist training sessions are advertised within the control centre so make sure you keep a check as one may arise which could be beneficial to your website.

To book onto our training sessions or workshop then make sure you email Hayley on or call Brick technology on 01254 277190.

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