New Arrival at Brick!

Welcoming Our New Brick!

We are pleased to announce that there is a new addition to the Brick Family this week, Hannah Pearson has become one of the cogs which part together within the machine that we like to call Brick Technology. A local girl from Blackburn from the area of Pleckgate, she is extremely excited by the opportunity provided and has set straight to work at full pace, fingers to keyboard!

Accepting the position of Editor, her role will be to check and write the content of our clients websites ensuring that it is of the highest quality. Also she will act as a news reporter, ensuring that all the news updates are reporting something meaningful and are always up to date with the latest of information regarding business news.

Hannah will provide us with the written content and background information which will set clients websites way ahead of their competitors. Her outstanding results in A-Level English Literature and A-Level English Language means that she is more than capable of creating stories on a daily basis.

At just 19 years old she is the youngest Brick but already she is starting to settle in and really jump right in with the tasks that she has been set. She is eager to learn and already picking up new knowledge and information which can only add to her skills, her creative flair has already proved to be having pleasing results.

She will be chatting to our clients on a weekly basis, finding the ins and out about what is going on in their business and these informal chats can only throw up some interesting stories and news updates which are just dying to be told - and now there is someone to tell them!

So we welcome, Hannah, Our new Editor to Brick.


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