Mobile Internet Growth - Further Rises Predicted

As if further proof were needed of the ever-growing importance of m-commerce, InMobi have released the results of their Mobile Media Consumption Report (MMCR) 2014, which shows a predicted increase in the number of people spending money using a mobile device this year of 15%. The report also shows that the success of mobile advertising is now comparable to that of TV advertising in terms of driving purchasing decisions.

As internet-capable mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives, so trust in and reliance on these devices has grown. The results of InMobi's MMCR showed that 68% of people had spent money (on either digital or physical goods or services) using a mobile device and that 83% were expected to do so in the next year. The average user of mobile internet consumed around 6 hours of media each day, with around 60% using their mobile device as their exclusive or primary means of accessing the internet. It was found that many internet users (around 61%) bought products and services online whilst watching television while 83% said they used their device while waiting for something or on a long journey.

The MMCR shows that all online businesses must be fully prepared for the large and ever-growing number of visitors accessing sites using a mobile device. Along with targeted mobile advertising and the use of location tools and other visitor data, perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining a modern mobile website is that it is responsive, adapting automatically to optimally display on any mobile device. This ensures the visitor enjoys a smooth and seamless experience when using the website, allowing them to feel secure in their purchasing decision. Online businesses who do not maintain a modern responsive website are quickly falling behind as the number of discerning mobile web users continues to grow.

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