Mind your own Business! Work from home at maximum capacity.

Mind your own Business! Work from home at maximum capacity.

With Coronavirus becoming a growing concern for many companies, including Brick technology, a solid plan to ensure your company is safe and still working at max capacity from home is essential!

Working remotely has numerous benefits, but it takes dedication and smart strategies to pull it off successfully.                                                          

How can you make sure your employees and clients stay content if worse comes to worst and you’re stuck at home in isolation?

In this article we’ll run through key tips on maximising productivity working from home:-

Create a permanent workplace

The first step in your remote working journey is to designate a specific area for work, separating that area from your home life; making it easier to create that work-life balance. Your space could be an empty or spare bedroom or just a desk faced away from any potential distractions, such as the TV. However, it’s key to ensure your space is comfortable, enjoyable and most importantly, quiet! (Away from the kids).  

Ensure you’re all ‘Teched-up’

An important part of working from home is having the necessary equipment and software needed to complete your job. For example, #TeamBrick has the availability of remote access which means the team can log on to their desktops from their work laptops whilst at home or on the go, giving them everything needed to complete their tasks. The teams also able to take their desk phones home, ensuring the communication between Brickweb and our clients isn’t lost. Before you begin working from home make sure you have access to all necessary technology and software to complete your jobs to the highest standard.

Set To-do lists

Losing sight of your deadlines, priorities and tasks is a real risk to working from home. That’s why it’s important to set a to-do list every morning, sharing it with your team can also further motivate you to complete the tasks! Creating a to-do list or goals list is a simple technique yet also effective and fulfilling as you begin to cross tasks off the list, distilling a sense of accomplishment. Each morning, even when not working from home, the Brick team sets and shares our plans for the day so we can help each other, be aware of everyone’s priorities and motivate one another.

Being a web development company means that the majority, if not all, our work is computer-based, making remote working easier for our team. Although, we still prioritise our clients and retaining that strong communication is vital to the team.

If you have questions regarding how you can Mind your own Business from home due to the Coronavirus situation, book a meeting with us using telec­on­fe­rencing and have a meeting via your browser, please contact us @ 01257 444492 or info@brickweb.co.uk

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