Marketing to the Always-On Generation

Marketing to the Always-On Generation

When the internet really began to shape up and the technology started advancing at such an exponential rate, it was found that young people were almost at the saturation rate for the amount of media they consumed daily.

‘Saturation’ was defined as the point at which there was literally no more waking time that could be spent consuming media. The test has since been repeated, with startling results…

This was in 2004, and the biggest chunk of consumed media still came from television, with young people watching around 3 hours a day. The majority of the rest, around 7 hours in total, consisted of time spent online with a tiny slice of time devoted to ‘other’ media like books. When the test was repeated in 2006, the results showed that only 2 minutes had been added to the media consumption time, supporting the conclusion that saturation point had, indeed, been reached.

Skip ahead in time a decade and the test was, once again, repeated. This time a dramatic leap in consumed media was recorded, up to around 10 hours a day on average. This really does seem to be the saturation point now but the evolution of smart devices may further increase the figure as we become a world that really is ‘always-on’.

The big difference between then and now is, as you have probably already guessed, the smartphone. For a device that hasn’t, relatively speaking, been around for long, the way it has become a standard, often central, part of our everyday life is remarkable.

Though we hold the smartphone in such regard, we are still reluctant to leave our laptops and desktops behind; in fact, these devices have had to catch up and behave more like smartphones, meaning that providing customers with a seamless experience across the board is essential if you are working in the ecommerce sector.

At Brick Technology, we combine experience with innovation to create and maintain the most modern, efficient and aesthetically-pleasing websites and mobile apps for our clients. Their customers can navigate effortlessly through products, information and purchasing procedures; the seamless experience continues right across devices too, with our powerful websites responding and adapting instantly.

If it’s going to be always-on then you need to get it always-right. We can help you. Read what our clients have to say and contact us to start your journey to a more connected, successful and profitable life online.

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