Make your own company videos

Thursday 30th August 2018 3pm Brick UK Offices.

Our "Make Videos GREAT Again" Workshop. Create, Build, Publish and Distribute your own company videos and ads.

The video below is a CRUDE example, it was whipped up in 10 minutes to show most of the elements needed to build your video. So please don't judge ;)

After this workshop, with practice, you will be able to produce high-quality videos for your company by the hour if needed. From your idea/message, to putting it together, publish it to your website, distribute it to your social campaigns.

Also one of the BIG questions we're always asked. "How do I put links in my videos?".

Starting at 10 seconds, you will see a call to action button appear to take the view to a certain web page such as a product or service page.

At the end of the movie you can see a simple image, this holds at the end of the video and is clickable.

Spaces are limited.

Please email Bobbi Stanton or call on 01254 277190.

The workshop will give you the tools to "Mind your own Business!" and make movies instantly. Well probably take you 1 hour to produce a really good one after you've practiced.

This Workshop is for Novices  "Know-it-all's" are not invited.

Please bring your mobile phone and yourself, fully charged for this session!

Ideal for anyone looking after your social accounts, website administrators, marketeers and such.

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