M-commerce Given Further Boost by Digital Advertising

Leading independent market research website eMarketer has recently published its ‘Interactive Guide to Worldwide Ad Spending’, which comprises the results of research into the total amount of money spent globally on mobile and digital advertising. The figures show that internet marketing will increase by 6% in financial terms from 2014, reaching a staggering USD$592bn this year.

The research took place in 22 countries and reveals the top 5 digital advertising markets would be, in rank order, the USA, China, Japan, Germany and the UK. Although in position number 5 for total media spend, the UK is actually the third largest mobile and digital market.

Spending on mobile advertising is the major driver in this increase, with advertisers set to spend over $64bn in 2015, representing a massive 60% increase on last year. Extrapolating from this figure, eMarketer predict that, by 2018, mobile advertising will account for at least 22% of all advertising spending across the globe, surpassing 50% of the total worldwide share for digital marketing.

The most advanced users of mcommerce are in Japan and South Korea (respectively 49% and 45%). The UK leads western markets by a large margin - 41% of online transactions were carried out using a mobile, far above the nearest competitor (Spain with 28%).

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