Keep Calm... Your Website is Still Mobile-Friendly!

Keep Calm... Your Website is Still Mobile-Friendly!

Do you remember Mobilegeddon? Back in April, Google released its new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm, which was designed to give a boost to the search engine ranking of ‘mobile-friendly’ sites. The mobile-friendly label was launched a few months previously and was so significant in terms of how it affected search rankings that it was dubbed Mobilegeddon by some, and the Mobocalypse by others.

For many owners and operators of ecommerce websites, the launch of the new algorithm gave the necessary motivation to make their site more functional for mobile users, and the penalty for not being mobile-friendly was a lower ranking and therefore less traffic. As with everything online, things moved quickly and Google recently announced that “85% of all pages in the mobile search results” are now mobile-friendly and that it is responding by removing the mobile-friendly label, to declutter search results.

Google launched a mobile-friendly testing tool at the same time as the launch; users simply input the URL of any website and were told immediately whether it met the criteria to have a mobile-friendly label inserted into the search results. The tool was used billions of times to check mobile usability reports and Brick websites were very quickly back in their usual high search positions thanks to our hard work.

From now on, your website will no longer have a mobile-friendly label when it appears in Google search results on mobile devices. Do not worry, as all of the hard work we have done is still benefiting and enhancing your website - all that is changed is the label! Google searches will now be less cluttered and your Brick website will continue to function perfectly, on whatever device it is accessed from.

Mobile traffic eclipsed desktop traffic some time ago and Google’s decision to remove the mobile-friendly label is further evidence that this trend is set to continue. There are many aspects included with making sure your website is readily accessible from any mobile device and we are experts at creating ecommerce and mcommerce websites that do just that. It doesn't matter whether you are selling bricks or beauty products, your customers will be using their mobiles to buy them and, if you want a high search engine ranking, your site must be mobile-friendly, even if it doesn't have the label anymore!

Call us today and we will start creating a bespoke online plan for You, to improve your internet presence and be ready for 2017 - the year of the mobile.

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